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ACH services

Save Time. Save Money.

Let Peoples State Bank help you save time and money by eliminating paper checks.
Send and receive your payments electronically using our Automated Clearing House
(ACH) service. You will be able to track collections and disbursements, allowing you
to better estimate your daily cash position.

Many uses for ACH

  • Direct Deposit of Payroll – Have your employee’s pay automatically deposited into their accounts, at any bank. This will save you the expense associated with paper checks. It will also save your company time by reducing the need to cut paper checks, record them, and reconcile accounts.
  • Collections – Speed the collections process by automatically collecting payments, fees, dues, donations, or any other money owed to your company. Using our fast and easy ACH service will ensure money is electronically deposited into your account in quickly and efficiently.
  • Payments – Automatically send the payments you owe without the hassle of writing a check and addressing an envelope. Ensure that your payment reaches its’ destination safely and on time.

Reduce time, paperwork, and money
Save money on check stock by cutting the number of checks you write each month.  Reduce the time and paperwork necessary for sending and receiving money.

Prevent Fraud
Sending and receiving money via ACH is safer than using paper checks. It reduces the chance of your account number being stolen off of a paper check that is handled by many different people.

Quick and Easy-to-use
It is quick and easy to initiate ACH transactions using the Peoples Web site. You can use our template or simply download the information from your accounting software. We would be happy to help you set up the ACH process that works best for you.

Variety of ACH Service Applications
Peoples uses a consultative approach to produce creative, tailored ACH service packages. Peoples provides you with ACH functionality and flexibility that is critical in customizing systems that complement your particular disbursement or collection environment. Not only do we provide Direct Deposit, Direct Debit, and Direct Credit Services, we are committed to delivering them in a timely, accurate, and responsive manner.

Cost Effective. In most cases, electronic transactions are less expensive to initiate and reconcile than paper instruments.


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