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business banking services

Peoples State Bank is pleased to provide a wide array of tools and services to help businesses of all sizes streamline their treasury management operations. We can help you to better control cash flow, reduce business costs, and simplify your accounting. We strive to offer you the latest technologies at an affordable price. One of our Treasury Management specialists will work with you to determine a set of products to fit the specific needs of your individual business.*

eBanking For Businesses
With Peoples eBanking, businesses of any size can have a sophisticated, web-based, financial management system that is powerful and easy-to-use right at your fingertips. Save valuable time by accessing your accounts anytime, from your home or office, to complete transfers, view transaction history, originate ACH, make loan payments, view copies of your checks and deposit tickets, and much more.

ACH Initiation Services
Peoples can help your company to initiate Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions in a variety of formats for both cash disbursements and collections; these formats include Direct Deposit of Payroll, Corporate-to-Corporate payments and Pre-Authorized debits. ACH is both cost effective and secure. It will save you time, and money while also making tracking your daily cash position easy.

Zero Balance Accounts
Peoples can help to better utilize your cash by automatically transferring unused funds from multiple checking accounts to one master checking account at the end of each business day. Eliminate idle dollars by putting them to use immediately to cover disbursements, reduce loan balances, or make short-term investments.

Commercial Loan Sweeps
Peoples can help make your money work for you by minimizing borrowing expenses. Pay your loan down when you have excess cash and enjoy complete liquidity when cash flow is tight. We help you to borrow and invest based on the cyclical needs of your individual business.

Money Market & Savings Sweeps
Excess cash on hand? Don’t just let it sit there; we can help you to invest it to increase your monthly interest earnings while still keeping that money liquid for you.

eBillPay Services For Businesses
Receive and pay your company’s monthly bills safely and efficiently using Peoples online eBillPay service. Eliminate the need to write and mail checks each month to pay your utilities and other re-occurring bills. Save money while also saving valuable time.

EFTPS Payments
Enjoy the convenience of paying your Federal taxes online, for free! Peoples can provide you with a safe and convenient method to initiate payments to the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System.

Lockbox Services
Accelerate the collection of your receivables and the availability of funds by letting Peoples do the work for you. Reduce mail float, processing time, and the possibility of errors while still receiving daily information regarding your deposits.

Fraud Prevention
Peoples’ fraud prevention services provide you the peace of mind to know that the funds in your business accounts are protected from fraudulent activity.

Positive Pay Services
Fraud is on the rise and the loss associated with it is increasing as well. To reduce or eliminate check fraud losses before they occur let Peoples help with our Positive Pay service. Positive Pay will help to protect your accounts and your money by matching the checks presented to the bank for payment to those you have issued from your office.

* Some of the products or services offered may include a fee. Please see a Business Banking Representative for more information.


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