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Peoples State Bank

Online BillPay

It's the monthly task you can now finish fast
Free up time for the better things in life

Life isn't free. We all have bills to pay. Mortgages, rent, car payments, utilities, credit cards and so forth. Our customers in Wisconsin and beyond can simplify their lives with Online BillPay. Instead of sitting down with stacks of checks, envelopes and stamps, you can spend just a few minutes online making all your payments electronically, straight from your Peoples State Bank accounts.

  • Make payments anywhere at any time, even from your mobile device
  • Schedule automatic payments for recurring bills like your rent, mortgage or car payments
  • Schedule payments in advance and never worry about missing a bill or paying late fees
  • Save money on checks, stamps and envelopes
  • Save time, with fewer trips to the post office
  • Guard against identity theft from lost or stolen checkbooks and bills
  • Email notifications can help you keep on top of your payments and due dates
  • You can choose to send rush payments when needed (fees do apply)
  • Pay bills from multiple checking accounts
  • Make person-to-person payments


Peoples State Bank's Online BillPay makes it easy for you to control your payments and manage your account.

3 Easy Steps to Sign Up for Online BillPay

  1. Log in to your Online Banking account.
  2. Click on the Bill Pay tab to access the enrollment form.
  3. Complete the enrollment form and you're all set.