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Peoples Brings Our Style of Community Banking to Waukesha

Peoples State Bank is excited to celebrate Sunset Bank & Savings officially transitioning to Peoples State Bank – Waukesha as of Monday, June 14, as we welcome their customers into our fold. Now that the acquisition is complete, the bank’s customers will see enhancements in their banking options.

Keeping Your Children Active and Occupied

In a time where “staying-in” is required, finding new ways to cope with the current situation may be exactly what you and your children are looking for. With several nuances in our new day-to-day lives, keeping your children engaged throughout the day may be a challenge you weren’t quite ready to face. 

Reducing Risk by Cleaning Your Cards

Money and credit/debit cards. We use them almost daily, pulling both out of our wallets to pay for grocery items, gas, and a variety of other items. There’s not much you can do to clean your money, but you can clean your credit and debit cards. And there are ways to pay without touching either cash or credit/debit cards.

Power Up Your Bank

Accessing your bank account is now easier than ever. With sudden restrictions on travel putting a halt on many activities, banking shouldn’t be one of them. You can simply power up any of your devices to bring your bank right to where you are.