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business on-site deposit

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Make Deposits From Your Desktop
Peoples State Bank’s On-Site Deposit Service enables your organization to easily capture images of consumer and business checks received at your office and to transmit these images to Peoples State Bank for processing. As a result, you can reduce administrative time and expense associated with deposit preparation activities and consolidate bank accounts from various locations.


  • Consolidate Banking Relationships
  • Accelerate Clearings
  • Enhanced Cash Flow
  • Reduced Transportation Costs
  • On-Site Image Archive
  • Intuitive, Ease of Use
  • CD/DVD Burning


Through a desktop scanner located right in your office, Peoples State Bank’s On-Site Deposit service is convenient and easy to use. Just key in the amount for deposit, scan the checks and a balanced deposit is created. With just a quick, click command you can transmit the balanced deposit to Peoples State Bank. Deposits can be transmitted any time, several times a day or at the end of your business day, meeting the established Peoples State Bank cutoff time.

Peoples State Bank’s On-Site Deposit service enables you to easily manage your deposits and streamline your operations and workflows. Whether you have one business location, or many across the country, you can maintain a single bank relationship. All information is at your fingertips, stored locally on your PC for a preset number of days. You can consolidate and archive the information for as long as needed. Standard reports are available and can be easily printed for your records. Or, you can choose to customize and create your own reports. Information from all your locations can be imported into many leading accounting softwares to support record keeping and decision-making. 



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