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Why do so many people choose Online BillPay? Because they know it means more freedom, control, savings and security. Now it's easy to pay a friend, take care of a utility bill, and keep track of every payment.

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Convenience and control in just a few clicks
Online bill pay makes it easy to control your payments and manage your account.

  • Schedule single or recurring payments in just a few steps, and you'll never worry about missing a bill or late fees
  • Track your payments history at a glance and follow all past, present and future scheduled transactions
  • Receive helpful e-Notifications that let you know when payments are due or a bill has been paid
  • Use the convenient Online BillPay messaging center to keep tabs on account activity or inquire about your online payments

Save time and money
every single month You'll start saving right away with Online BillPay.

  • Save money on stamps and trips to the postoffice because payments are online
  • Save money on checks by submitting your payments electronically
  • Save time by setting up payees to organize the people and places you pay each month
  • Pay all your bills anywhere, anytime

Safety and security with every transaction
Online BillPay delivers peace of mind to you.

  • Protect against check fraud with electronic payments instead of unsecured mail
  • Guard against identity theft from lost or stolen checkbooks, bills and statements
  • Increase your privacy because only you can
    access your account information, account numbers and payment history
  • Maintain tighter control of your account with real time access to your payments activity

Sign up for Online BillPay in 3 easy steps

  1. Login to your account on here
  2. Use the bill payment link to access the enrollment form
  3. Complete the enrollment form and you're all set

Did you know?

The average household receives approximately 19 bills and statements and makes approximately 7 payments in paper form per month.

By switching to electronic bills, statements, and payments, every year the average household would:

  • Save 6.6 pounds of paper
  • Avoid producing 171 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. Saving this amount of
    greenhouse gas emissions is the equivalent of:
  • The emissions avoided by not driving 169 miles
  • The emissions avoided by not consuming 8.8 gallons of gasoline
  • Planting 2 tree seedlings and allowing them to grow for 10 years
  • Preserving 24 square feet of forestland
  • Avoid releasing 63 gallons of wastewater into the environment
  • Avoid using 4.5 gallons of gasoline to mail bills, statements, and payments



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