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switch to peoples

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably thought about changing banks more than a few times. You’ve got the reasons, but you haven’t switched. Why? Because it’s a hassle. Until now. Switch your accounts to Peoples in 5 easy steps.

Switch Kit

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Here's how…

  1. Open your Peoples account.
    Visit your local Peoples State Bank to open your account (fill out the next page, bring in 2 forms of I.D., one being a photo I.D., and we’ll have all the information we need). Make note of your new account number and Peoples State Bank’s routing number.
  2. Stop using your old account.
    Let all your checks clear. This could take awhile. Use this time to destroy any unused checks, ATM and debit cards, and deposit slips.
  3. Change direct deposits.
    Download the forms to the left, fill them out, and give it to your employer, or your retirement plan. Include a new Peoples deposit slip or voided check. For Social Security changes in direct deposit call 1-800-772-1213.
  4. Change automatic payments.
    Download the forms and fill them out, to change all automatic withdrawals or automated payment services. Don’t forget about those that use your old debit card number, such as automatic payments made online.
  5. Close your old account.
    Send the downloaded forms to your previous financial institution to close your accounts. If, after all your checks have cleared, you have a remaining balance, your old financial institution will send you a check. It’s just that simple.

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