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Fraud Protection for Businesses

Spend some time on security. It might save you a bundle someday.
Electronic services have made banking far more convenient and efficient in recent years. The downside is that hackers, scam artists and other criminals try to exploit the system and put business finances at risk. Because fraud can happen to anyone at any time, Peoples State Bank offers a variety of tools that business owners in Wisconsin and beyond can use to protect their funds and bank accounts.
  • ACH Blocks and Filters: Protect your business accounts from loss by preventing unauthorized ACH transactions.
    • Businesses have 24 hours to report and return an unauthorized ACH debit on their accounts.
    • Peoples offers ACH filters which allow you to define acceptable ACH debits to clear your account(s).
    • ACH blocks to stop all ACH debits from the account.
    • ACH Blocks and Filters stop and return unauthorized ACH transactions, minimizing the time staff spends monitoring your accounts.
  • Positive Pay: Guard against check fraud. Your business transmits an electronic check issue file to Peoples State Bank. When presented for payment, all issued checks will be verified against the check file for alterations and forgery. Positive Pay systems can catch counterfeit or stolen checks.
  • Account Reconciliations Service: Reduces the time and effort spent reconciling your accounts while monitoring for errors and potential fraud. Account Reconciliation Service allows you to reconcile your company’s accounts using a range of options, including partial and full reconcilement.
  • Online and Mobile Alerts: Our system allows you to set alerts and monitor transactions impacting your accounts from desktop or mobile devices.
Electronic fraud costs businesses billions of dollars each year, with studies showing that smaller enterprises are at bigger risk than larger companies. It's important that your business develops protocols that will allow you to notice suspicious activity and react to it.