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Smarter in 60 - Mortgage Tips
What's the difference between a loan's interest rate and annual percentage rate (APR)?
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Now may be a great time to look for a new home!
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Money 101 - Top Tips for Serious Saving

Some of us were never taught how to save when it comes to money, but all of us were taught how to spend. So, why does it seem like such a challenge to save money? Simply put, it’s easy to spend money, but saving it is much more difficult. Here are a few tips to help you put your hard-earned cash in a safe place for the future.

Winter Home Buying

It’s a common misconception that you’ll have a far better home-buying experience in the summer months. While travel might be a bit easier in the summer, there are plenty of reasons to look for a new home in the winter months.

Smarter in 60 - Down Payment

One of the most significant expenses to purchase the home you’re interested in is the down payment needed. This month’s Smarter in 60 topic will help answer your mortgage down payment questions.

Money 101 - Secured vs Unsecured Loans

When it comes to borrowing money, consumers must choose between a secured and unsecured loan. The primary difference between the two types of loans is collateral. With a secured loan, you provide the lending institution with something that it can take if you don’t pay the loan off. A home mortgage is a perfect example of a secured loan. If you default on the payments, the mortgage company providing the loan will acquire the home and resell it to recoup their money.

Safe Shopping Tips

American shoppers spend on average $800 per year on Christmas gifts. Statista Research Service shows a steady increase in average spending over the past 20 years, although shopping habits have changed with consumers spending more online than ever before.

Outstanding Women in Banking

BankBeat magazine recently honored Peoples State Bank’s Maureen Jorgensen as one of the Outstanding Women in Banking for 2021. BankBeat honors women who have made outstanding contributions to their bank, the banking industry, or the communities they serve.

Banks Never Ask That

Can you spot a phishing scam? Every day, thousands of people fall victim to fraudulent emails, texts, and calls from scammers pretending to be their bank. 

Daisy Fregoso – A Money Coach Success Story

Fregoso’s experience in the Money Coach program began at Milwaukee’s Carmen High School when she was just a sophomore. She and her friends were asked by a counselor if any of them might be interested in attending an after-school program designed by Secure Futures to teach teenagers about money and finances. .

Book an Appointment Online

Meeting with a banker at Peoples State Bank is easier than ever. You can set an appointment with many of our bankers with our “Book an Appointment” feature on our website and from our Facebook page. 

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51 Auto Body


Here at 51 Auto Body our goal is to repair our customers vehicles to pre accident condition with the highest quality of workmanship and customer service.  We take pride in being locally owned and operated and look forward to meeting with you.

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Located at 1910 Old Hwy. 51 in Kronenwetter WI

Timber River Custom Homes

Your new home, with each room as unique as you are, will include the special touches you desire. Imagine your specially designed kitchen, your spacious master bathroom. A living room created to accommodate and enhance your life style. Your new home will include the latest amenities and proven energy saving features. It all begins with a visit to the Timber River Custom Homes Design Center.

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5503 Schofield Ave, Suite D, Weston, WI 54476, 715.359.9767

A Strong Community Partner

During 2020, employees of Peoples proudly volunteered more than 5,675 hours to community organizations and programs throughout Central, Northern and Southeastern Wisconsin.

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