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Community Banks Build Better Communities

Community banks understand locally-owned businesses and how important they are to the long-term survival of the communities. It's why community banks get to know their customers and provide advice and services to help small businesses grow and prosper. Because it helps the communities they're located in grow and prosper.
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Money 101 - Control Your Peoples Debit Card

You may not know how much control you have over your Peoples Debit Mastercard®. Within our BankPeoples app are settings that allow you to put precise controls on where, when, and how your card is used.
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Money 101 - Peoples Edge Plus Checking Helps You Fight Fraud

We've all seen the scary video of an unknown person—usually wearing a hoodie—and tapping away at a keyboard. That person is a thief trying to fraud you out of your money.

Allpoint ATM Network for Travel

Peoples State Bank's affiliation with the Allpoint ATM Network opens the door to surcharge-free ATMs throughout the United States. So, making plans to travel and getting cash while on your trip is much easier, thanks to Allpoint.

How the FDIC Protects Your Money at Peoples

As a member of the FDIC, Peoples State Bank customers can rest assured their money is safe from a situation like the recent bank failures. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is a federal agency that insures up to $250,000 for customers at banks. But there are limitations that you should be aware of. Learn more by reading this blog
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Peoples Celebrates 60th Annivesary

Peoples State Bank opened its doors in August 1962 on Wausau's west side. Now, 60 years later, the bank celebrates the milestone with a look at some key figures in the bank's history and current board of directors.
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Community Banks are Safe

With recent news of bank failures, you should know that community banks, like Peoples State Bank, continue to be a safe place to put your money.

Video Teller ATMs

Peoples State Bank is beginning to install Video Teller ATMs in place of the more traditional ATMs found at our branch locations. But what is a Video Teller ATM and how do you use it? FInd out more in our blog.
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Money 101 - How to Send Money with Zelle Safely

Have you thought about using Zelle to send money but would like more information on how to use digital payments safely? Here's a short guide on how to use Zelle safely.
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Money 101 - Pay it Safe with Zelle

Learn when it is a good option to pay a friend or family member with Zelle, and when you should choose a different payment option.


Peoples Joins the Allpoint ATM Network

Peoples customers can now get cash at more than 55,000 ATMs worldwide after the bank joined the Allpoint ATM Network.

How does Allpoint work, and what do you have to do to get cash at one of their surcharge-free ATMs?

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Money 101 - Your Credit Score Explained

You've looked at several credit reporting companies to get your score and it shows they all have different numbers. But why is that?

Shouldn't they all be the same? After all, it's your credit score. Find out why they're all as much as a 50 point difference in our blog.