Routing Numbers

Essential for financial transactions

A routing number is a nine-digit number that identifies your bank or credit union from all others. Peoples State Bank’s routing number is 075911616. If you look closely at a Peoples check, you’ll see it listed in the bottom set of numbers.

If you are planning on setting up an electronic transfer of money to or from Peoples to another bank, you’ll need to know our routing number, along with the routing number of the other financial institution. You’ll also need to know your account number at Peoples and the account number of the other bank or credit union. Routing numbers and account numbers are sort of like telephone numbers and area codes. You need to use both to set up a transaction.

If you are a personal banking customer at Peoples you can find our routing number in the first nine digits printed at the bottom of your Peoples State Bank personal checks. Our routing number is followed by your account number and check number.

Peoples check example showing routing number, account number, and check number






If on the other hand you are a business customer of Peoples, you’ll find the routing number after the check number on your checks.

You can also find the Peoples State Bank routing number on every page on our website. Just look right below the Google Play and App Store icons at the bottom of the website.

So, how do routing numbers work? They were adopted by the banking industry in 1910 in order to make transactions quicker and more efficient. Small- to mid-size banks have one routing number. Some larger banks have multiple routing numbers.

Using a routing number reduces the chances of miscommunication in money transfer requests. Even if two banks have similar names, they’re distinct from one another because they have different routing numbers.

You’ll need to know your bank’s routing number when you set up direct deposit, automatic loan payments, or recurring transfers. You may also need it when you file taxes so that your refund can be deposited in your account, or your payment pulled from your account by the IRS.

And don’t forget to look up your account number. Remember, it’s the second set of numbers after the Peoples routing number on your Peoples personal checks.

If you have questions or concerns, you can contact Peoples State Bank at 888.929.9902 and ask to speak to a personal banker for assistance.