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Video Teller-ATM FAQ

As you become more comfortable with technology, Peoples is looking for ways to continue to innovate and offer you options to handle your banking transactions. Video Teller/ATMs, also known as ITMs (Interactive Teller Machines) or Smart ATMs, provide you with the best of both worlds. Those of you who want to bank on your own will use it just like you’ve used an ATM. If you’d like assistance, you can talk to a Peoples employee through a video screen to help you with more banking features than an ATM typically provides. It’s similar to the choice you have to “pay at the pump” or pay inside at a gas station.

The time it takes will be similar to what you would expect if you went into the bank to handle your transaction. If you consider the time it takes to get out of your vehicle, go inside and wait in line, then head back out to your car, it should take less time at the Video Teller/ATM using a Peoples employee to assist you with your transaction. And you won’t need to get out of your car in the cold, snow, or rain!

That’s not a problem. The first thing you’ll do at the machine is choose whether you want to use it as an ATM for cash withdrawals or deposits or the Video Teller to assist you with other types of transactions. It’ll always be your choice.

No, it isn’t. The new technology allows Peoples State Bank to serve you in a new method that benefits you when and how you want. We’re using the same Peoples employees we’ve always used to assist customers. We’re now offering another option for you to get the service you desire in a manner that makes sense for you. It’s similar to the choice you have at grocery stores or retailers where you can use the self-service check-out, or you can get in line for an employee to check out your items.

No. We’ll utilize our current employees to provide this new service option for you to choose from. Once fully established, we may look at offering extended and non-traditional banking hours, providing opportunities for our employees and new staff members to fill those needs.

Yes, they do. All Video Tellers work for Peoples State Bank. They might not be located at the exact location as the unit you’re using, but they are all Peoples employees.


No.  However, the majority of our branches offer coin-counting services at no cost.


You can use the machine as an ATM to withdraw money from your account. If you want to withdraw cash on your own, choose the ATM function as the first choice you make at the machine. You can also use the machine with a Video Teller-assisted withdrawal similar to how you would do it in-branch.

Privacy is of the utmost importance with Peoples State Bank; therefore, we have taken several steps to protect your information when it comes to the Video Teller/ATM. This includes on-screen volume adjustments, optionality for plugged-in earphones, or a chat messaging system on the touch screen to communicate with your Video Teller.

Can - Check deposit, cash deposit, check withdrawal, withdrawals, transfers between Peoples accounts, loan payments, and credit card payments.
Can't - Counting coins, cashier’s check issuance, HSA contributions, Savings Bonds redemption, purchasing gift cards, foreign currency orders.

No. There is no cost to use the Video Teller, like there’s no cost to using a teller inside or at the drive-up lanes.

Non-customers can use the machine as an ATM to process a cash withdrawal from their account. Non-customers and those not part of the Allpoint ATM Network may see an additional fee for using the machine. Non-customers will not be able to utilize the Video Teller-assistance functionality.

Yes. The Video Teller can look you up by name, social security number, or Peoples account number. They may ask you to scan an ID before completing your requested transaction.

Yes. The Video Teller can assist you with several transactions if they are items listed as transactions that can be completed in the question/answer above.