My Credit Manager

Easily track your credit score in Digital Banking

Your credit score can impact a lot, especially when it comes to buying a house, refinancing a loan, and so much more. Raising your score by just a few points can make a big difference, but where do you start?

My Credit Manager is a free tool that can help you stay in control of your credit score and history with personalized information and educational tools. The best part? It’s all accessible through Peoples digital banking platforms.

Credit Report: View a complete credit report including payment history.

Score Factors: See what factors impact credit and how your activity is evaluated and ranked.

Credit Alerts: Receive real-time notifications when your credit score or report changes.

Score Simulator: Select a scenario to see how your score could change.

Debt Analysis: See open balances and calculate your debt-to-income ratio.

Questions about My Credit Manager?

We've got answers to many questions that you might have. Simply visit our My Credit Manager FAQ page for a list of helpful questions and answers.