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Health Savings Account

Planning for the unexpected?

Just about every day, you hear something on the news about rising health care costs. You can't control whether you get sick or injured, but you can take steps to ensure you're not overwhelmed by medical bills. Customers in Wisconsin and beyond that have high-deductible medical insurance may qualify for a Peoples Health Savings Account.
  • Build up a balance to cover a wide range of qualified medical expenses
  • Access to money is as easy as writing a check or using a debit card
  • Money not used can be carried over to the following year
  • See your tax advisor or accountant for potential contribution deductibility
Our Health Savings Account includes these value-added services
  • Monthly eStatements to monitor your balance
  • Online banking to transfer money from checking or savings into an HSA
  • Direct deposit to have some of your paycheck routed straight to your HSA
2024 HSA Limits
  • Contribution limits for 2024 are $4,150 for single coverage and $8,300 for family coverage.
  • Individuals age 55 or older can also make an additional maximum $1,000 "catch-up" contribution.
  • To contribute to an HSA, you must be enrolled in an HSA-eligible health plan. In 2024, the minimum deductible for qualifying high deductible health plan (HDHP) is $1,600 for single coverage and $3,200 for family coverage. In 2024, the maximum out-of-pocket expense for HDHP is $8,050 for single coverage and $16,100 for family coverage.