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Customer Survey FAQ

Our employees take great pride in providing excellent service, whether you are a personal or business banking customer. Asking you to fill out an occasional survey allows you to give feedback on how we’re doing while providing us with information on how we can improve. Peoples has partnered with professional research firm Avannis to collect the feedback. We will not ask for your personal or account information, and we don’t share personal or account information with Avannis.

Avannis is a professional research firm that we have partnered with to collect your feedback. You can learn more about Avannis at their website.

Most Peoples customers will be contacted once a year, although a few may be contacted up to a maximum of two times yearly.

Avannis may contact you by email or phone. If you are contacted by phone, the number will originate from the 715-area code, and the caller will state they are from Avannis and calling on behalf of Peoples State Bank. As a reminder, the survey process will ask only about your experience with Peoples State Bank and will not ask you to provide any personally identifying information other than confirming your name as the intended caller.

A phone survey should take between 5-10 minutes.

An email survey should take between 2-3 minutes.

Avannis will ask you about your recent experience with Peoples State Bank. For example, the questions may ask about an employee you interacted with, the experience, the reason for your visit, and whether we provided assistance. Each survey is unique to the experience you had with Peoples State Bank.

Yes. It is important to note that Avannis will provide you the opportunity to request a follow-up conversation with one of our employees at the close of each survey. If you agree to a follow-up conversation, Avannis will ask for your name and preferred contact method so a Peoples employee can contact you.

No. Avannis will never ask you questions about your account or personal information. As outlined in our privacy notice, Peoples State Bank will not share any personal or account information with Avannis. You can view our privacy policies here.

While we would like to hear from you, we certainly understand if you’d prefer to opt-out. You can do so by using the unsubscribe option within the email invitation you receive. By the way, the Avannis email survey will be branded with the Peoples State Bank logo. You can opt-out anytime by calling our Customer Service Center at 888.929.9902 or visiting our Contact Us page.