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Money 101 - Tips to Save Money on Gas

Some Simple Tips You Can Do to Save Money at the Pump


Let’s face it. We’re all a bit tired of paying high gas prices. Even if you own a great gas-saving hybrid vehicle, you’re still paying more at the pump than you used to. But there are a few simple steps you can take to save yourself a buck or two. And as we all know, even a dollar saved adds up over time.

Cheapest Price – This tip can sometimes be hard to do and depends on how much you travel and if you have a variety of gas stations that offer differing prices. Several websites track gas prices but beware if they’re not updated often enough, especially in today’s volatile pricing. The other thing to remember about saving money at the pump is not going way out of your way to fill up at a lower price. If you travel several additional miles out of the way to save a few cents a gallon, you’ve probably spent all your savings to get there and back.

Avoid Weekends & Holidays – Gas price analysts say holidays and weekends are often more expensive at the pump, especially on heavily trafficked highways and interstates and in touristy locations. If you can avoid gas stations on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, you’ll have a better chance of paying a lower price.

Tire Pressure – This is good advice, whether you’re trying to save at the pump. Underinflation is hard on your tires and causes your engine to work harder. You’ll get better gas mileage and ride when your tires are correctly inflated.

Get Rid of the Gear – We all like to be prepared for whatever might come our way, but if you’re driving around with a bike, ski, or kayak rack on the top of your car—even if empty—it can cause a drag on your vehicle. And that leads to lower gas mileage, meaning you’ll spend more each month on gas money. Be sure to clean out the trunk of your car or the back of your SUV or pickup to lighten your load. Remember, every little bit helps.

Cleaned & Waxed – Today’s cars are designed for better airflow. Making sure your vehicle is washed, and waxed will also make a difference. Just like extra weight in your vehicle, a dirty exterior will slightly drag your car, meaning less gas mileage.

Cashback Cards – If you pay off your Peoples rewards credit card monthly, paying for the gas with that card may benefit you. But if you start to carry a month-to-month balance, you’ve just lost the savings you may have earned. And you’ll likely pay more based on interest charges.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic solution to save a lot of money at the pump. However, if you regularly work on several of these tips, you can make a dent in your gas expenses.

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