Using a Video Teller ATM

A guide on how to use this new technology


As you become more comfortable with technology, Peoples is looking for ways to continue to innovate and offer you options to handle your banking transactions. Twenty years ago, few people thought they could use their phones to pay bills, transfer money, and check balances on their checking or savings accounts. But now, it is commonplace. Enter the new Video Teller ATM (sometimes called an ITM or Smart ATM by some financial institutions).

Peoples State Bank has begun replacing our ATMs with Video Teller ATMs. The new technology allows you to choose whether you want to use it as a standard ATM for withdrawing or depositing money or to engage a video teller to help you with other transactions that you can’t do with it in ATM mode.

If you want to withdraw cash from a Video Teller ATM, tap the ATM button on the welcome screen. If you want a video teller to assist you with a transaction, choose the video teller button.

Video tellers can assist you with several transactions:

  • Check or cash deposits
  • Check or cash withdrawals
  • Transfers between your Peoples accounts

At this time, there are some transactions that you won’t be able to do at a Video Teller ATM, which will necessitate going inside to do. Those include:

  • Counting coins
  • Cashier’s checks
  • HSA contributions
  • Savings bond redemption
  • Purchasing gift cards
  • Foreign currency orders

When you engage a video teller, they will help you with the transaction you need to make and guide you through the process. The video tellers are all employees of Peoples State Bank, although they may be located in a different community.

The nice thing about having a video teller assist you is that you can still make a transaction if you forget your debit card or account number. The video teller can look up your account if you have an ID. And you can do several transactions during one visit as long as they are within the list of approved transactions.

Check out our FAQ page for answers to other questions about our Video Teller ATMs.

Here are two other Video Teller ATM videos--one on making deposits and the other on transferring money.

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