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Sweeps & Zero Balance

Maximize earnings with automatic account transfers

Commercial Sweeps

Businesses in Wisconsin and beyond shouldn't let their extra money sit idly overnight when it can be used to strengthen their financial position. We can automatically shift funds between accounts at the end of each day's business so that you can maximize your earnings potential.
  • Savings/Money Market Sweep: Set a target balance for your checking account and Peoples automatically moves excess cash into an interest-bearing savings or money market account.
  • Line of Credit Sweep: Sweep excess cash from your checking to pay down your line of credit daily. Reduce interest expense by minimizing the outstanding balance.
  • Line of Credit/Money Market Sweep: Excess checking balances are first used to pay down your credit line. If the line is at zero, the cash will be moved to an interest-bearing money market account.

Zero Balance Account

Peoples will automatically move excess cash to your main checking account, where it works most effectively for your business.
  • Consolidate funds from multiple checking accounts into your main operating account to maximize earnings.
  • The bigger operating account balance allows you to make short-term investments, pay down loans or offset bank service fees.
  • Don't spend your valuable time shifting money around. Peoples will do all the work for you.