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How to turn off/on your Peoples Debit Card

Find peace of mind by controlling when your card can be used


One of the most common requests the Peoples customer service staff receive is from callers who have lost their Peoples debit card and want to cancel it and order a new card. Our customer service staff report that many of those same people call back a day or two later to let us know they found their hidden card and ask to stop the cancellation.

Peoples State Bank app showing card management screenshotThe solution is as simple as one, two, three. You can turn off and on your debit card within the Bank Peoples app or our digital banking platform. The Card Management feature allows you to simply tap a button to turn off and on the Peoples debit card associated with your account. If you lose your card, you can simply turn it off so that nobody else will be able to use the card. If you find your card an hour or a day later, simply turn it back on.

This peace of mind solution is free on all Peoples digital banking platforms. If you call us to cancel your debit card, the decision can’t be rescinded a day or even an hour later. The cancellation order instantly makes the debit card no longer functional. And you’ll have to wait until a new card is mailed to you, which could take up to two weeks to arrive.

Peoples State Bank app dashboard screenshotTo use the Card Management feature, log into your digital banking platform or the Bank Peoples app, then look for the Card Management option. You’ll find the off/on feature on the Dashboard or the full version in the menu for the account the card is associated with. Turning the card off and on is instantaneous. Some Peoples customers regularly use the off/on switch to provide extra security for their card and account.

Within the full version of Card Management, you can also report a lost or stolen card, re-order a new Peoples debit card, and after ordering a new card, you can activate it.

So, next time you misplace your card, simply turn off the card using either the Bank Peoples app or the Peoples digital banking platform. If you still haven’t found your card after a couple of days, then reach out to our customer service staff to start the process of issuing a new debit card for your account.

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