Man using a smart tablet in his shop

On Site Deposit

Make deposits directly from your desktop

Businesses in Wisconsin and beyond can handle their banking functions without anyone having to leave the office. Peoples State Bank’s On-site Deposit service allows your staff to scan the checks your business receives into a computer and then transmit the images to us. The process is quick, secure and can enhance your cash-flow as well as eliminate trips to the bank.
  • Deposits can be transmitted any time, or several times a day
  • Electronic transmission means increased safety of bank deposits
  • Scanning process creates an on-site archive for your checks
  • Receive regular reports with deposit information
  • Create your own reports by downloading archive information to financial software
  • Save time and expense of daily bank trips or need for couriers to transport business checks
Businesses with multiple locations can benefit from On-site Deposit, as employees will no longer have to travel to the bank to make deposits. Cutting time to make deposits will gain productive work time for your employees.