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Mortgage Lenders

Really good people can help you get a really great loan

When you apply for a mortgage at Peoples State Bank, you get more than just competitive rates and a large choice of loans. You also benefit from working with a team that brings years of lending experience and a lot of valuable knowledge to the table. They take a personal interest in each application and take pride in helping families in Wisconsin and beyond obtain the type of mortgage that best suits their lifestyles. We invite you to get started with one of our lenders by selecting one below. If you are unsure who to work with you can choose the Peoples State Bank option and we will get you in contact with the right person. 

If you are looking for a Home Equity loan you can apply here.

Ryan Kellenberger headshot

Ryan Kellenberger

Mortgage Lender
NMLS# 1608298​
Todd Schultz headshot

Todd Schultz

Mortgage Lender
NMLS# 642092
Brandon Karaba headshot

Brandon Karaba

Mortgage Lender
NMLS# 412960
Tori Dunlap headshot

Tori Dunlap 

Mortgage Lender
Eagle River
NMLS# 1883066
Tim Sanderson headshot

Tim Sanderson

Mortgage Lender
NMLS# 412971

Ken Kilman headshot

Kenneth Kilman

Mortgage Lender
Waukesha/West Allis
NMLS# 248167

Amanda Heiner

Amanda Heiner

Mortgage Lender
NMLS# 523709

Bryan Wulk

Mortgage Lender
NMLS# 285738

Peoples State Bank Peep

Peoples State Bank

NMLS# 411594
Headshot of Curtis

Curtis McElhaney

Vice President/Mortgage Sales Manager
NMLS# 400617