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Money 101 - Find Your Perfect Account

An Account Selection Tool Just for You

Choices, choices, choices. Sometimes it is hard to figure out what to choose when you have lots of options. Sometimes a restaurant menu offers so many choices that it is hard to figure out what to choose. The same can be said with a bank’s checking and savings accounts. Peoples offers four checking accounts and two savings accounts. What one is best for you?

Now, you can answer a few simple questions and we’ll do the hard work of figuring out which account fits your needs. Here’s how it works. Click the Find Your Perfect Account page on our website. There you’ll see four questions and eight answers. Simply move the answer slider to whichever answer fits your needs best. Once you’ve answered all four questions, we’ll give you the options that make the most sense based on your answers.

What is more important to you? You can choose from no minimum balance requirement or ATM-fee refunds. In other words, will you benefit more from receiving ATM fee refunds or from not needing a minimum balance to have in your account?

What is your preferred banking method? Your options to choose from are using our online banking options or stopping by one of our ten bank locations to do your banking.

What is your typical checking balance? Here your options are to choose from a typical balance of less than $2,500 or more than $2,500.

Is check writing a necessity? A simple yes or no on whether or not you prefer to write checks or pay your bills via digital banking options.

Each of the four questions and eight answers provide us the insight to choose from our checking and savings options to provide you the best options based on your preferences. And we’ll offer you at least one option in both checking and savings accounts.

Let’s face it. Managing your money can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Peoples wants to provide you with options that will help you, based on your preferences. Go ahead, and give our Find Your Perfect Account tool a try. Once you make your choices, you’ll see information for each of the checking and savings options so you can better determine which option to choose from.

Remember, you can always learn more about our checking and savings accounts from a Peoples personal banker. Stop by a bank location or call 888.929.9902 to speak to one today.

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